• My divorce took eleven long months total but only about two months after I was referred to Scott MacDonald. I received divorce papers in February 2014. It seemed like it would never end!!! After I was given Scott's name and number in mid October 2014, I was divorced by the end of the year! We had a few minutes on a phone call to discuss my case and then Scott said let's meet and decide if it works for both of us. I knew I liked him from the very start. Scott is so genuine and professional and over delivers. Scott is available when you need him and if you leave a message he actually calls you back even on evenings and weekends.   My previous attorneys never did that, let alone, call me back after I called them on more than one occasion - seriously! Before meeting Scott, I did not believe caring attorneys who welcome your calls and consider you and your feelings actually existed. I was so afraid to spend more money on an attorney that I used paralegal help. Scott is a very intelligent, genuine person. When he told me not to worry, I actually did not worry for the first time in a really long time. As his client, you do not need to worry, or as he would say "let me do my job for you, your job is to NOT worry! " Scott handles everything and is so reassuring he is on your side and takes care of your concerns. I am so grateful and lucky to know there really are attorneys out there that care about people just like in the movies! I had lost hope, but Scott restored my belief in the fact attorneys are there to help you an not just to take your money! I hope I do not need Scott's services again, but I know he is the only one I will call if necessary!

    Stephanee K. Zibert
  • Scott's utmost sensitivity, professionalism, and genuine care for me and my family helped us through our darkest hour of great need.  He is steadfast and immovable in his principles and values. His willingness to help and his tenacity to get the job done right and in a timely manner not only helped with my estate matters but also with other legal family matters. We are grateful to call him our friend.

    Dallas Turbeville
  • Finding a good lawyer you feel you can trust is not an easy thing to do. But we found one the same way we would any vendor, ask a good friend for a referral. We needed a trust attorney when my mother passed away and Scott MacDonald has been great at educating us about trusts. He has taken the time to be sure we know what we have and what we need to do with it. We would definitely recommend him for your trust administration needs.

    Tom & Christy Bennett
  • I have have been very fortunate to have known Scott MacDonald for well over 20 years. We’ve not only developed a solid professional relationship but an unquestionable friendship. Scott’s knowledge has been invaluable to me over the years, business and personal. When I sold one of my businesses, Scott was instrumental to ensure all of my interests were carefully taken into account and protected.   Currently, my company, Carpets N More, is part of a publicly owned corporation where we have an assigned corporate attorney, but I still seek Scott’s advice for added support whenever needed. Over the years, I have referred Scott’s services to friends, family and work associates. The feedback has always been the same: “impressive”, “proactive”, “detailed”, and “pricing is reasonable”. Scott MacDonald is a great attorney and I will continue seeking his advice for all of my legal needs, as well as, continue referring his services to anyone who seeks a trust-worthy, kind, and reputable attorney.

    Steve ChesinCEO/President, Carpets N More
  • Newly married to a man living in another state, and at the time, having joint custody with my ex-husband, I was needing to not only have permission granted to move my children out of the State of Nevada, but I was needing a change in custody as well. Scott was professional from the very beginning and lack of confidence in his abilities was something I never once experienced!   He knew precisely what information I needed to gather, what actions I needed to take and he was smart enough to advise me when I was being unrealistic.  He knew how to keep me calm and collect and to not let my emotions get the best of me.  Scott took the time to prep me and any family members that would be involved in the case, so each of us could feel completely confident when it came time to appear in court. The way Scott conducts himself in a courtroom is nothing less than Classy, Confident and Professional.  I could tell that he was well respected by the Judge in charge of our case. He was always in tune to how I was doing emotionally, kept my confidence high, and took time to update my family members during our breaks. I walked away being awarded Primary Custody of my children, permission to relocate out of the State of Nevada and had my child support increased.  Scott taught me some valuable life lessons about peace, amicable relationships and that time heals all wounds, but he changed me forever by teaching me to have a voice. I walked away with more than just a win that day, I walked away with a great life experience.

    Brooklyn Redd