Your Personalized Approach to Practicing Law

J. Scott MacDonald is a solo practitioner who created MacDonald & Associates to provide a small office, personal approach to practicing law. Scott likes working with people to solve many of the real-life problems people encounter in their every day lives. Scott practices primarily in the areas of Estate Planning, which includes the drafting of personalized Wills, Trusts and Medical Powers of Attorney, Probate, Bankruptcy (primarily Chapter 7 Petitions), Family law, including Divorce and Custody Disputes, Small Business Representation, and Mortgage Loan Modifications.

Law Background

Scott received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University in 1982 and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1985. Although he was admitted to the Wisconsin State Bar, shortly after graduating from law school, Scott came home to Nevada where his roots are. After returning to the State of Nevada and passing the bar exam in 1985, Scott went to work for the District Attorney’s Office where he served as a Deputy District Attorney for a period of 3 years. After leaving the DA’s office, Scott went to work for Valley Bank of Nevada as Associate General Counsel for another 3 years. Anxious to strike out on his own, Scott left Valley Bank in the spring of 1990 to “hang a shingle” and begin his private practice of law.

Serving Las Vegas Since 1990

Scott has maintained his solo practice for the last 25 years serving the residents of Southern Nevada with distinction. In the context of his estate planning practice, Scott enjoys helping people with their charitable desires. In October, 2003, Scott was recognized by the Nevada Community Foundation as the “Facilitator of Philanthropy” for 2003 for helping facilitate what was then one of the largest single gifts to the Nevada Community Foundation. Scott is married to Jane and has five children and seven grandchildren, all of whom are collectively the joy in his life. He has been a resident of Nevada since 1966 and when not working, enjoys spending time with his family.


As an experienced attorney, I will help you with some of life’s most important legal and financial challenges.

  • You worked hard to accumulate your life’s nest egg and a well-written estate plan is important to protect your assets and ensure that your heirs receive what you desire for them.
  • Losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult and emotional moments. Often times, surviving family members are so distraught, they do not know what steps to take first. I can help make the process of settling the loved one’s estate less stressful for all involved. I understand the complex laws that relate to probate and trust administration and will ensure the process goes smoothly and as quickly as possible.
  • Southern Nevada families have just emerged from the worst recession since the Great Depression. If the recession, including loss of jobs and erosion of asset values, has left your family in dire financial straights, I can help. Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy petitions are available to help you gain a fresh financial start in life while retaining your dignity
  • If your home is one of the thousands of homes in the Las Vegas Valley to suffer catastrophic depreciation in the recent real estate crisis and you owe more than your home is worth, of if as a result of a job loss or other circumstance beyond your control you have fallen seriously delinquent in the payment of your mortgage, we can help negotiate a mortgage loan modification to help you keep your home.
  • Second only to the death of a loved one, a divorce is one of life’s most emotionally trying experiences. Whether you are the one seeking the divorce or you find yourself defending one, an experienced attorney can make all the difference in the outcome and how you get on with your life. For over 30 years, I have helped many families navigate these difficult waters. I emphasize dignity and compassion in my practice and will try to make this experience as painless as possible.

Mr. MacDonald has helped thousands of families in his more than 30 years of practice. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Mr. MacDonald today by calling 702-870-1771.